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Treating Oedema

Massage Therapy

Oedema can become a life long condition that requires specialist knowledge and experience to treat. 

Here at Lymphoedema Online, we provide in-depth consultations to enable an individualised treatment plan to reduce your oedema and improve your quality of life.

Complex Decongestive Therapy

Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT) is considered the gold standard of treatment for lymphedema that has progressed beyond Stage 1— meaning there is visible swelling without pitting (a temporary indentation forms on the skin when pressed) and there may be evidence of fibrosis (scarring of soft tissue). The aim is to an intensive phase to bring oedema under control and then work to maintain those results.


CDT encompasses an holistic approach to oedema treatment and includes: 

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) to mobilise the oedema

  • Compression therapy (Garments, Bandaging) to help removes the excess fluid

  • Movement/exercises 

  • Skin/tissue care


Examples of how CDT is applied

Phase I CDT is all about getting the extra lymph out of the arm, hand, or other part of the upper body to reduce visible swelling and other symptoms of lymphedema. This phase typically involves a number of treatments including Manual Lymph Drainage, compression bandaging and exercise. The therapist will show you how to apply the bandages on your own so that you can remove them for showering & bathing.


Phase II CDT is about maintaining the results of the initial intensive phase on your own. This phase includes getting fitted for compression sleeves and garments to control oedema then learning how to put them on correctly & care for them. Our therapists will work with you to create a long term plan to help you maintain control over oedema, every person is a little bit different: Over time, you’ll get to know how your body responds in certain situations and be able to take action accordingly. Just be sure to check with your lymphedema therapist before making any changes in your treatment plan.

You can find further information on reducing the risk of lymphoedema & lymphoedema flare ups on the website. 

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