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Publications & Associations

A Concise Compendium of Theory & Practice - Editors: Byung Boong L, Rockson SG, Bergan J (Eds)

The authors have been selected for their acknowledged international stature in the fields of lymphatic biology, medicine and surgery

A Free Patient Information Guide to L-dex

What is L-Dex® ? The Lymphedema Index (L-Dex) is a measurement system that is used to aid in the assessment of unilateral lymphedema of the limb (swelling occurring in only one limb). This free guide from ImpediMed explains how a measurement is used.

Australasia Lymphology Association

The ALA is committed to promoting the development of lymphology in Australasia. The Association will strive to improve the management of those with, or at risk of developing Oedema and enhance communication between health professionals, educators, relevant authorities and government in regard to oedemas and Oedema.

Better Health Victoria

Massage, an overview of the benefits of massage for various conditions provided by the Victorian State Government. Includes advice on treatment for some disorders using massage and an overview of the different types of massage available.

Dr Vodder School International

Background information on the Dr Vodder method of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), details of training and publications.

Fitness and Massage Therapy: Weblinks

A range of links to websites dealing with massage,, Reflexology and other disciplines provided by WA TAFE.

International Compression Club

The Consensus/Publications page contains a large number of very useful articles on compression for Oedema. The Educational Tools page contains videos of various compression products.

International Lymphoedema Framework

A dedicated platform for the Oedema community, the site conatians many useful documents, frameworks and partnership information for those dealing with Oedema.

Lipedema Foundation

Lipedema patients who are interested in participating in research are encouraged to access available resources and sign up to receive emails from the Lipedema Foundation.

Lipoedema Australia

Lipoedema Australia began as an online community bringing together those who are effected by Lipoedema - a largely undiagnosed disease which affects approximately 1 in 11 women in Australia. Lipoedema Australia is now a national charity and is the peak body for Lipoedema.

Lymphoedema - What you need to know (Cancer Australia Publication)

This information has been developed to help you understand the signs and symptoms of lymphoedema following treatment for cancer and what you can do to help manage the condition if you develop it

Lymphoedema Action Alliance

The Lymphoedema Action Alliance is focussed on reducing the unnecessary burden for people living with lymphoedema. Twenty organisations have joined together to be a more effective voice for improvements in treatment for lymphoedema. The Alliance is working to ensure timely access to affordable lymphoedema services and compression garments regardless of where people live, their financial status and their health situation.

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