Light-Level Laser 

The Handy Pulse Laser device is a hand-held, therapeutic medical device useful for pain management and to help facilitate functional restoration and improvement.

The device is listed in the Australian Register for Therapeutic Goods - ARTG ID: 220699. The laser devices are designed to be used by patients under the direction of medical specialists

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Our Handy Pulse Laser was recently featured in a video from the Lymphoedema Training Academy, where director Jane Wigg touches upon the benefits of low level laser therapy for lymphoedema patients.

Our Handy Pulse Laser device uses photobiomodulation to reduce pain and inflammation by delivering light energy to the mitochondria (the power source for cells). This function is beneficial to lymphoedema patients because the laser diode and LEDs reduce oxidative stress and aid the cause of the swelling, not just the symptoms. With consistent use, this can result in improvements to tissue repair and inflammation. The device is recommended to be used directly over nodes/nodal areas, scar tissues or thicker lymph areas.

Case Study: Scar healing with Handy Pulse Laser Therapy

A male presented with basal cell carcinoma on lower left eyelid. His eyelid was removed and a new one created from his cheek and a cheek flap then was created. His operation lasted eight hours. Laser therapy treatment with the Handy Pulse Laser commenced on Day 8 and continued for three weeks after the operation. Remedial massage therapist, Yve Frankcombe treated the patient with laser therapy at her clinic, as well as the patient used a Handy Pulse Laser at home in between professional sessions.


Here are some before and after photos: Photo courtesy of Yve Frankcombe

scar healing 1.jpeg

In the above photo on day 21, you can see the difference in the healing between the non-lasered section of the stitches line scarring from the corner of the left eye to the left eyebrow. Compare this with the horizontal stitches line scarring across from the eyebrow to the hairline and the scarring down the side of the ears which are the areas that were treated with the laser.


Also as an additional benefit, the patient's rosacea is far less active on the left side and his skin tone is much more luminous on the lasered side.

Image by Luis Villasmil

Low Level Laser therapy (LLLT) is the treatment of various conditions using laser to bring about a photochemical reaction at a cellular level. The laser light penetrates into tissue where it is absorbed by cells and converted into energy that influences the course of metabolic processes.

The LTU-904 by RianCorp is used in contact with the skin, directly on scar tissue, muscles or fibrotic tissue. Treatment time is usually 1 minute per point.


The LTU-904's patented diffusion technology allows it to be classified as a Class 1 laser product which is considered safe in all conditions. No special safety requirements such as safety glasses or a controlled environment is required. Individual treatment protocols are available for a range of conditions

In the video below Denise Stewart talks about: low level laser as a treatment for scar tissue post-mastectomy, how it works & The LTU-904 device.

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